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Mysterious and New You Always Are

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Euro Asia Art Gallery, part of Euro Asia Entertainment Limited proudly presents artworks of two Chinese contemporary artists.

Artist Shen Yi Hui was born in 1981. He was graduate in 2000 from Hunan Arts and Crafts College. Now he has 15 years of painting experience in various numbers of painting techniques. He likes Impressionism and Abstract Impressionism the most. On the show, we will present his series of paintings “Four Seasons” which were inspired by Antonio Vivaldi’s eponimous music masterpiece. Four art pieces: spring – violin, summer – cello, autumn – flute, and winter – harp. All works made in the pointillism style that is rebirthing nowadays, and, by its technique, is a unique combination of artist’s talent and optical physics laws.

Cai Ri’an is a young, talented, award winning artist that is working in Impressionism, Abstract Impressionism and Expressionism styles. He was born in 1981. Cai Ri’an studied painting in Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. In 2010-2011, he won Awards of Excellence on two Shenzhen International Oil Painting Shows. Now he is the member of Chinese Shenzhen Dafen Artists Association. The paintings we present are the excellent examples of Vintage Style, which became metaphor of artistic personality in XXI century, pointed towards to creation of artist’s own unique appearance. Elegance, romanticism, and seeming simplicity of composition, as well as color shades, which are characteristics only to the Vintage Style – are all expressed by the artist into his art pieces.

Our beloved sponsors (Scapa Scandia and Island Wines) organizing free wine and beer tasting, free beverages, as well as free chatting :-) during whole event.

Admission: FREE, by invitations ONLY

You are welcome to get your invitation via our FB Page - Euro Asia Art

Whatsapp, Viber +852 9648 2699

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